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About us

Set amongst the luscious grounds of UWA, Unicare practices a holistic environmental approach encouraging sustainability within the centre. Apart from the amenities of a high quality centre including dining room, commercial kitchen and laundry we also provide educational opportunities of our space. Through utilising our onsite organic vegetable garden and chicken coop we help children appreciate how food is grown and its origins.

We have long been a member of the UWA Community.

In 1971 when a group of forward thinking students formed the University Child Care Club Inc. (Unicare) with the help of the Guild.

UWA provided one of the houses in Parkway and the first 20 children were enrolled in April 1972. In 1973 an additional house was provided by UWA and the number of children increased to 60. In 1975 a third house and the numbers grew.

In 1984 the committee at Unicare decided to look into the viability of building a purpose built centre. In 1985 the University Child Care Club management Committee conducted a survey on campus which showed there was an immediate need for more child care vacancies. A 100 place centre was planned.

The construction of the “new” Unicare was funded in part by UWA and the Commonwealth Government. Unicare opened the new facility in 1988 and increased their license to cater for 122 children daily between the ages of birth-6 years within seven rooms.

Our Philosophy

Unicare aspires to be a place of wonder where children can explore and develop a desire for lifelong learning. We are passionate about early childhood and as such, create magical environments and experiences that are both homely and inspiring to the young mind.

Unicare is dedicated to genuine partnerships with families and communities. Nurture, kindness and respect are at the foundation of Unicare principles promoting equality for everyone.


24 Parkway, Crawley 6009
Western Australia

Our hours

7:30 AM – 6:15 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: +61 8 9389 8111