Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If the answer to your question is not provided, please contact Unicare using the details available at the bottom of this page.

We will contact you to as that you pick them up as soon as possible to prevent cross contamination. In case of injury, we will contact you, liaise with you on the treatment action taken and request that you collect your child.

No, you are still are fully chargeable, except during the two weeks Christmas closure.

In line with the Early Years Learning Framework we encourage parent participation in all areas of the curriculum.

Unicare has a parent driven management committee that includes management representatives. An Annual General Meeting is held where new members are elected.

Unicare is licensed by the Childcare Licensing and Standards Unit (License Number: 344 Department for Communities). Basic ratios are put in place by the regulations, however Unicare has a far greater staff to child ratio ensuring quality interactions for your child.

Unicare encourages and welcomes parent participation at all levels.

Unicare has always maintained the highest possible accreditation standards. The centre’s accreditation history is available on

No. Due to the high number of children with acute allergies we do not allow food past the entrance (this includes birthday cakes).

Positive reinforcement and redirection is used by educators, on-going behavioral issues are discussed with parents individually.

Illnesses that exclude your child from care will be anything considered contagious ie. conjunctivitis, school sores, hand, foot and mouth disease and/or green discharge from the nose etc. See staff for more information.

Our staff are chosen according to experience, qualifications and strict selection criteria. We are fortunate to have a diverse, multicultural environment.

Parents are invoiced weekly via email. Fees must be paid two weeks in advance at all times.

If we can’t contact you, the emergency contact will be rung and asked to collect your child.

You must give ten working days notice during this period the child must attend care or full fees will apply (CCS requirement)

Unicare employs professional staff to ensure that the best possible care is provided. The staff’s qualifications include Master Teaching, Pre-Primary Teacher, Diploma and Certificate III. A full-time cook, kitchen hand, laundry manager, cleaner and gardener are employed for all domestic duties enabling staff to concentrate on interactions with children. A General Manager, Office Coordinator, Enrolments Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Programme Coordinator who are non contact are employed for administration and support purposes.


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