Board committee

Unicare has a parent driven board committee that includes management representatives which members are elected on yearly basis at Annual General Meeting. Below, please meet our elected members.

Dr Renae Barker – Chair

Served: 2019 – current

Renae and her family have been part of the Unicare community since 2016. She currently has two children in the centre. Along with her role as Chair of the Unicare Board, Renae is President of her local Toy Library Committee as well as on a number of boards and committee for the Anglican Church of Australia.  In her professional life, Renae is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Western Australia and the author of State and Religion: The Australian Story. Renae joined the Unicare community because it offered her the opportunity to be close to her children during her working day – when her children were still in the babies room she would regularly visit to breastfeed, telling her colleagues that while they had a coffee break she got cuddles at Koobidja (babies room).

Alex Neuling – Treasurer

Served: 2019 – current

Alex is a Chartered Accountant (UK) and Chartered Company Secretary and has extensive corporate and financial experience including as director, chief financial officer and/or company secretary of various ASX-listed companies. Alex also holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.  Alex and his family have been involved with Unicare since 2011.

Dr Sae Chi Secretary

Served: 2020 – current

Sae is a Transport Economist at the Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) at UWA. She currently has a daughter at Unicare and is expecting a boy who will soon join Unicare. She and her family particularly appreciate how friendly and caring educators are. Sae has joined the Unicare Board to support Unicare and its staff to provide the best for the children. She has degrees in Transport Economics and Engineering. 

Natasha Yang

Served: 2019 – current 


Ralph Southall – Centre Director

Ralph has 36 years’ experience in the early and middle years education sector, having previously held Centre Director roles, as well as senior leadership roles in regulatory and training bodies such as Child Australia and TAFE. He was also involved in the development of an early framework which formed the foundation of the current NQS and EYLF. Additionally, Ralph brings his extensive leadership experience as the founder of the Educational Leaders Association, a not for profit dedicated to supporting and advocating for educational and early childhood professionals across Australia.

Florence Arasan – Curriculum Coordinator

Florence completed a Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Nutrition) at University of Queensland in 2009.

In 2017, she went on to pursue a Master of Teaching specialising in Early Childhood at University of Western Australia, qualifying as an Early Childhood Teacher. She is the recipient of two teaching awards from UWA – Graduate School of Education Bill Louden Early Childhood Prize and Bertha Houghton Prize in Education.

Florence worked as a secondary school teacher at different schools in Singapore for a decade where she held various positions including Department Co-ordinator, Mentor for graduate teachers and Teacher in-charge of various co-curricular activities.

She joined Unicare in 2019 as a teacher in Amazon, before she was invited to join the management team and take on the Curriculum Coordinator position. 

Florence believes the Educators in Unicare prioritise children above everything else and it is what makes Unicare a special place.

Sarah Doss – Enrolments Coordinator

Sarah completed Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at Curtin University in 2012. In 2014, she went on to pursue further post graduate education, completing a Diploma of Education (Early Childhood Education) at Edith Cowan University, and qualifying as an Early Childhood Teacher. Sarah worked as a relief teacher at various primary schools in the Perth metropolitan area, before joining Unicare team in 2016. Her initial roles at Unicare were as the Pedagogical Leader in Uluru and Koobidja rooms respectively, before she was invited to join the management team and take on the Enrolment Coordinator position. What she loves most about Unicare is the passionate staff and educators who go above and beyond to make a difference in a child’s life. When Sarah’s not at Unicare, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, diving and travelling the world.

Rinchen Wangmo – Office Manager

Ms. Rinchen Wangmo is from Thimphu, Bhutan. She completed her Bachelor of Education
(Secondary) from the National Institute of Education, Bhutan, in 2002 and after her studies
she worked as a full-time teacher for five years.

In 2007, she went to the USA to pursue a Master of Education from the University of Texas
at El Paso under the Bhutanese Endowment Scholarship. While doing her studies, she worked
as a research assistant at the same university. After completing her studies, she re-joined her
school and taught there for another three years. In 2012 she was offered a position as a
lecturer at the Royal Thimphu College. In her second year at RTC, she took the role of unit
coordinator in her department (Mathematics).

Rinchen came to Australia in 2014 and completed Master of Human Resource Management
from Edith Cowan University and Diploma of Early Childhood Education from North
Metropolitan TAFE, Perth. She worked as a relief teacher in various schools in Perth before
joining Unicare Early Childhood Education in 2018.


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