Embrace program was developed with the intention of supporting the functional capabilities of children at Unicare, with the purpose of ensuring that every child in the Centre has an opportunity to grow, thrive, and engage meaningfully in their environments. In this way, Embrace works to ensure that all children at Unicare have the support they require, irrespective of their abilities, culture, language or socio-economic situations.

Services offered through the Embrace Program:

Working with families, specialists, and other stakeholders to develop and implement Inclusion plans that address the specific needs of the child.

Attending or hosting specialist appointments for children at the Centre, to ensure that children’s therapy programs are integrated into their learning at Unicare.

Building the capacity and knowledge of all educators through targeted professional development, so that staff are better equipped to respond to and support the various additional needs of children at Unicare.

Providing information about various support services available for families within the community.

Collaborating with service providers in the following areas:

Physical — Such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, chronic asthma, and epilepsy

Developmental — Such as Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, and processing disorders

Behavioural/Emotional — Such as ADHD, Global Developmental Delay Sensory Impaired — Such as being blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hearing-impaired

We also have access to an in-house Speech Pathologist who visits regularly – appointments can be arranged if required.

The Body Buds program at Unicare is aimed at supporting the development the children’s social, physical and emotional resilience through various outdoor and indoor activities.

Physical Activity

Driven by the latest research in the field of children’s physical and outdoor education, the Body Buds program provides various learning experiences to support the development of children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). These include:

Obstacle courses

Bat and Ball Skills



Developing Nutritional Understanding

Body Buds also focuses on developing children’s understanding of good nutrition, healthy eating habits and good hygiene through hands-on learning experiences such as cooking.

Supporting Emotional Resilience and Social Skills

The Body Buds program fosters the development of children’s social skills and emotional resilience through learning activities such as:

Meditation and mindfulness

Story Time

Rhyme Time (tailored specifically for our younger children)

The PALS Social Skills program, which is an early years program geared towards teaching children important skills such as greeting others, listening, sharing, taking turns, and dealing with feelings of fear, sadness and anger.

Attenborough program at Unicare is driven by nature pedagogy, which places children’s connection with nature at the forefront of all their learning. By working alongside children, their families, and the broader community, the Attenborough program aims at extending children’s understanding of their responsibilities and relationships with the natural world.

Educators in the Attenborough program do this through learning experiences such as:

Leading walks around the university campus and surrounding natural areas. Since 2019, Unicare has collaborated with ECU researchers Professor Mindy Blaise and Vanessa Wintoneak on the “Walking with Derbarl Yerrigan” project (

Teaching children about taking care of Unicare pets, which include three ducks, a rabbit, birds, fishes, tadpoles, and a number of chickens.

Working collaboratively with children on implementing sustainable practices at Unicare, such as composting food waste.

Discussing with the children the importance of reusing and recycling resources.

Designing and growing a herb garden and vegetable patch within the Unicare grounds.

‘Camping’ within the UWA grounds

The Attenborough team also seeks to strengthen children’s relationship with their community through frequent visits to the local shops, cafés, and the museums and galleries around UWA.

The Polyglots program provides children at Unicare opportunities to learn languages such as Auslan, French, and Mandarin.

Through a play-based focus, children engage in small sessions in the targeted language, with new words and phrases being introduced and consolidated over the year. This program provides the perfect foundation to introduce and engage children in various languages.

The Little Chefs program at Unicare provides children with unique cooking experiences with our qualified in-house chef.

Through fun and educational sessions, this program enables children to develop an understanding of healthy nutrition, shared communal responsibilities, proper hygiene, and safety procedures in the kitchen. It also provides an interactive avenue through which children can develop essential maths, science, social and language skills.

Unicare will be partnering up with Regis Nedlands aged-care facility to promote intergenerational connections.

Meaningful cross-age relationships decreases socia lisolation and increase older adults’ sense of belonging, self-esteem, and well-being, while also improving social and emotional skills of children.

Now the COVID-19 restrictions have lifted we are excited to be commencing this program in October 2020.


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