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The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards are key to our quality approach, and to our curriculum planning and documentation of children’s learning.

Our desire to strive for excellence in everything we do motivates us to critically reflect on and evaluate our practices to ensure the best learning outcomes for our children.

You can find more information on the Early Years Learning Framework (also available in 20 other languages) here.

Our “flow” environment and curriculum is created to support play based learning. It empowers children to have the freedom to determine their own learning, with support of our teams. Children are given the opportunity to form relationships with children and Educators through the centre. All children are welcome to explore and play in any of the rooms.

We use a variety of techniques to show the learning and joy at Unicare including floorbooks to document children’s voices and experiences.

Each child has their own folio and this information is used to scaffold and extend children’s learning. Families input is highly valued as part of the curriculum planning cycle.

Our younger rooms – Koobidja, Bindi-Bindi, Djoongong, Wonnil and Wardong are designed to stimulate and support children’s emerging independence and making sense of their worlds. Older rooms are designed to support children’s enquiry, exploration and agency. Kulbardi and Maali  provide opportunities for children to be immersed in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Literacy. Social and emotional wellbeing and children’s rights are at the heart of everything we do in every area.


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Western Australia

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